Seattle Railyard

The ramshackle racket of railcars colliding and dividing

The Space Needle looms above as I conceal my features beneath my hood and jump the fence

Riprap rocks shuffle and scatter beneath my feet as I slip from shadow to shadow

Southbound. A perennial journey, trading freedom for responsibility. Adventure for some opaque achievement

The night wanes as I climb from boxcar to boxcar, all northbound, westbound, eastbound

Anything but southbound

Morning warms my eyelids and i’ve drifted off on a grain hopper

A train rustles and lurches 4 rails over

spinning wheels show me 3 lugnuts, I count them

slow enough

The bullcar sits easy down the line, across the open gravel stretch

Sprint and climb in the dawn. Wait for the moment

a flatbed, boxcar, boxcar, hopper….

a flatbed again

I leap and find the splinters of the coarse wood







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