Better than Free. It’s Earned.

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Blue Collar Travel. A simple concept that allows average people to get out and see how many other worlds exist under the roof of one atmosphere. We are constantly bombarded with images and messages of  exotic travel, of “wanderlust”. “Quit your job and travel the world”, it just doesn’t seem possible does it? It didn’t to me. Blue Collar Travel is a practical answer to the financial difficulties of travel; an answer that gives you the freedom to see, taste, touch, feel, laugh and experience this floating rock that we call home. It is as much home to the Mongolian sheep herder as the New York executive, the same tectonic plates support Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Polygamists, Animists and every other form of ideal that we’ve managed to come up with so far. Why not travel and see? Why not live, and live memorably?img_2998

There’s a good chance that you’re around the 20-25 year age range. If that is the case you’re life is roughly 25% finished if you live a long, full life. Maybe you’re 98% finished … All I’m saying is there’s a lot to see out there and technically, there could be not much much time to see it in. My goal is to show you that a life of travel is well within your grasp.With the simple precepts of discipline, prudence, tenacity and a healthy sense of curiosity, your options are limitless. Like everything else in life, things worth doing usually aren’t arrived at by short cuts and get rich quick schemes. No day trading or Emu farms here. I genuinely just want to inspire you to get out and see new things, to realize that within a million different personal and cultural traditions in which we differ, that Mongolian sheep herder we talked about…still laughs and feels and encounters the same tumultuous, strange world just the same as you.

I am convinced beyond rebuttal that one does not have to be Bruce Wayne, sell a multi-million dollar tech startup or incur massive amounts of debt to travel the world and have abundant adventure. Blue Collar Travel is about the average person, doing ordinary work to explore extraordinary places. I say this not as an armchair theorist, but as a blue collar grunt who has come to the realization that if one must work a “normal” job, why not work it in an amazing place? If one wishes to travel, should he/she not earn their freedom through the sweat of their labor? And if one feels compelled to travel, should one not feel compelled to positively affect the places one travels?

Now the question is simply, where will you go?

Not sure where to start or how? Read through a couple entries to get ideas on how you can land a job on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska, find gainful employment as a wildland firefighter, work as a logger in Norway, gather fruit in New Zealand and more. A life of adventure is waiting out there for you, let me show you how to go get it.

I hope we’ll talk soon.

All the Best,